Two Simple Ways on How to Tell a Good Subwoofer

best subwoofersThere are tons of factors that makes up a good, better and best 6.5 car speakers. In this brief tutorial article, we won’t be bothering ourselves with all of the factors that contribute to produce an excellent subwoofer speaker. What we will however be focusing on will be on 2 major factors that all of these other factors depend upon to produce powerful competition subwoofers for your car and home stereo system.

Material used in building the custom subwoofer boxes

In case you were not aware, then let it be known that the nature and quality of materials used in designing and building custom subwoofer boxes upon which your speakers are installed inside plays vital role on how well the speaker sounds when connected to a musical player. Recent research and studies have brought to limelight that music boxes designed and built using fiberglass tend to produce high quality musical notes and tunes than the ones designed and fabricated using ordinary ply wood materials. Aside from greatly enhancing the quality of music, fiberglass music boxes tend to be more flexible for easy molding into different desired shapes and forms, more solid and plus the fact that it outlives other ordinary ply woods used in similar construction.

Power capacity

For subs to produce maximum buzz and boom in parties and other get-together social events, it must be packed with tons of power! A lot of folks commit the fallacy of assuming that when it comes to subwoofer power, all that matters is the maximum power handling capacity that carries much weight. Well that’s a totally wrong impression to hold because when it comes the powerfulness of any given speaker, the most important factor to award acute attention to is the RMS power rating capacity. Usually, some of the best 12 inch subwoofers and even the best 10 inch subwoofers that comes with high RMS power handling capacity rating can play much better than the higher models like including the 15 inch and 18 inch subwoofers.

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